martes, 24 de julio de 2012

TLP 2K12

The Tenerife LAN Party 2k12 is over but I get my target:

Luis Royo came to Tenerife Island.
I have every book they sell with his works. He signed a poster for me and hundreds of people and what is more important than a signature on a paper, he offered a quite good conference about what he does for a living. I'm delighted with the experience and wishing to repeat next year.
I have also to mention because he completely deserves that David López,

The brand new penciller from X-Men was also between us, I enjoyed his master class a lot. Thank you both for coming to this forsaken place 1300 km. far away from mainland Spain.

These were the winners of the cosplay contest:
what a beautiful black widow, don't you agree?

David Palumbo

Learning from David Palumbo.
 He's the son of Boris Vallejo And Julie Bell. He likes to do little 5 x 7 inches nude "postcards" and I think it's a funny way to training and also cheap due to saving paint

viernes, 13 de julio de 2012

Frost giant's daughter

This is one of my favourites pieces from master Frazetta:

4 or 5 months ago I decide to make a " copy" as an exercise for learning to the way, Thats not the first time, I did this one maybe 12 years ago:

so here's the process:

And here is the final piece:

I say "copy" because there's no intention to be accurate, just to have fun trying to emulate this genius. I'm afraid that the only thing I share with Him are the "F" on our names and surnames.

martes, 10 de julio de 2012

Psylocke inked

I decide to ink this piece and add more intensity to the color of the outfit

jueves, 5 de julio de 2012


-It's incredible how bad is my camera, above you can see a scan of my last drawing and below you see a picture done under daylight of the same drawing, they looks like different things

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012


After some sketches, this morning I was on the mood for brushes, so I choose one of the sketches and start to work. I spent the whole day from 9 am till 5pm , I don't know if I get to do something good enough what I know is that now I have a backpain bad enough!

lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Dressing up

Finally I decide to dress her up in order that I can move her from the nudes area to the "original comic" area on Ebay:
this was before: